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Cute Printable Paper Dolls


I have a bit sentimental blogwalking just now LOL. Found a blog post about the cute paper dolls that I used to play as a kid. I remember I have so many of these paper dolls, I often ask the house maid to buy one set of paper dolls whenever she went to the traditional market to buy food LOL Playing the paper dolls is fun!

Then I found these cute printable paper dolls. Do you think kids these days will love playing with these dolls?

– Strawberry Short Cake Paper Dolls
– Vector Strawberry Short Cake Paper Dolls
– Liddle Kiddles Paper Dolls
– Marlo Thomas Paper Dolls
– Friends Around the World Paper Dolls
– The Ginghams Paper Dolls
– The Candy Stripers Paper Dolls
– Erin Fairchilde Fashion Paper Dolls

*Feels tempted to print some of them and play it just for the sake of childhood memory* LOL

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