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D’ Kampoeng Sutos


Yesterday me and my friends went to our friend’s house. She was having her birthday so we planned on giving her a surprise. I visited Surabaya from my hometown special just for her birthday but unfortunately she had another plan after we went to her house so we gathered only about 45 minutes there. After that, we went to Sutos and ate dinner together at D’ Kampoeng.

D’ Kampoeng is a food stall which serves a lot of Indonesian food and drinks. There are gado-gado, pecel, rujak, mixed tofu with peanut sauce, es puter, etc Inside D’ Kampoeng there are a lot of merchants selling their specialties, all Indonesian food. I ordered gado-gado Arjuna and watermelon juice. Again, I forgot to take their pictures LOL (I guess I just didn’t use to become a food blogger), so I take the picture from the internet. The gado-gado picture is exactly the same, it is indeed a photo of gado-gado Arjuna.

The gado-gado tastes great… I still want extra peanut sauce though :-p but the portion was enough and the taste was delicious. The watermelon juice was not as sweet as I expect, but it was still healthy :-p One thing I dislike from the food stalls at Sutos is they are quite expensive. That’s why I seldom eat at malls… :-p But if you happen to visit Sutos, you can try D’ Kampoeng’s food.

You’ll received a card when you enter D’ Kampoeng. The food merchants in D’ Kampoeng will give stamps on that card based on the food you order. And when you finish eating, you just need to show the card to the cashier and she/he will count the total price you have to pay. Be careful not to loose your card as you can be charged for about IDR 500,000.

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