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Digital Scrapbooking


I have always love doing something which needs creativity, it stimulates the excitement of learning new skills and digging fresh ideas. Today I found two great sources on digital scrapbooking. If you have been a scrapbook fan and want to make your online scrapbook, these two sources can be a great help for you!

ACherryOnTop.Com provides a lot of digital scrapbook items you can download for a certain price. But they also provide freebies for you to download here. I am now downloading some of their freebies :-p Another fabulous source is ShabbyPrincess.Com. You can download all digital scrapbook kits here for free! The kits are beautiful and unique! I like them all…. FYI, all Shabby Princess collection kits are not intended for commercial use, only for personal use.

I think this will be my new hobby, yay! I have bought a new printer so I guess it’s the right time for me to create lots of digital scrapbook sheets either to be printed as poster, photo frame, card, or as desktop wallpaper, blog background, etc. It’s exciting!

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