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Disconnected for About 2 Weeks


Since my internet connection have changed their subscription packages with more expensive ones, I applied for a new package which is volume based, 2GB per month. But unfortunately, it’s not enough for my high online activity and they have consumed my deposit of IDR 100,000 -_-”

However, the customer service told me that I cannot change to a new package (unlimited one) before the 30 days of my previous 2GB volume based has ended (and that is 4th June 2011). So, in order to keep my deposit, I have to be disconnected until 4th June -_-” I only get online if there are gigs from Fiverr and writing job for paid review.

At first it feels totally uneasy, as I used to be online for the whole day. But in this particular condition I have more time to read “the Shepherd’s Staff” book, other books, learn Photoshop tricks, and also watching DVDs XD those are activities that I rarely can do when my internet is connected. So this is a blessing too… I believe that there is time for everything. So I will use this time as best as I can and enjoy it completely 🙂

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