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*** Durian Ice Cream ***

Durian Ice Cream


*** Durian Ice Cream ***

Price: IDR 7.000 nett

For a cup of ice cream, this should satisfy the durian craving of durian fanatics regardless of the season. In Indonesia, since most of the local fruits are planted naturally and home-grown in various parts of the islands, some of our fruits tend to be seasonal. Therefore, they would be mango season in the early rainy season, nanas season, and of course, durian season!

Durian is probably the only fruit that could not pass airport customs due to the pungent smell. Well, if you go to the country you would find not only durian has pungent smell, but also cempedak (‘jam-pa-dawg), a fruit similar to jackfruit, mengkudu or java noni, bakasang -Manadonese thick fish paste, terasi -shrimp paste, pete (pew-’the) and jengkol (‘dzang-caul), internationally-unpopular types of nuts due to the smell but apparently popular among spicy-food-lover homemakers, to name a few.

Back to the durian ice cream from a stall in Tunjungan Plaza III foodcourt area, the first bite gives a great first impression. It is smooth and slimy with torn pieces of durian, with the buttery-texture, sweet and slightly bitter taste. You get a bite, the ice melts inside your mouth, from there it goes to your throat and you want the second scoop. However, after a third serving I just realize that the yellow color apparently comes from yellow food coloring.

The first bite was great because apparently I scooped real iced durian meat that has natural greyish color. But after a while, the catch begins. The yellow ice cream was quite a turn-off. It tasted sweet but the sweetness apparently comes from artificial sweetener too. This, I realized when after the third scoop my throat began to ask for water and there was a dry, sharp feeling at the walls of my throat.

The ice was smoothly forming ice. It was not like the buttery Haagen Dasz or Baskin n Robbins but more like the traditional Ice Puter (or ice potong in Singapore and Malaysia). I did not have any objection about the icy texture since I knew that if one follows the traditional ice making technique, the texture would be like that. The smell, although it was quite fragrant, was obviously from artificial essence/flavoring too.

For $ 0.60 per cup, I still think it was too expensive for Ice Puter with few stripes of durian skin in between. Nonetheless, it was enough for someone who craves for durian during this non-durian season. From 1 to 5, would give them a 3.

If only they would omit the artificial flavoring, essence, and sweetener, I would gladly give them a 4. Add more durian and create butter-rich iced durian and I would give them a 5.

(**A Review by Melisa**)

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