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Face and Win Over Your Fear


Inspired from a friend’s problem… it reminds me to my previous problem too as they are a bit similar. It’s basically about fear.

My friend has a fear of rejection. He currently hasn’t win against it, but I’m sure if he stops running away from his problem and face his fear with a complete faith and trust in God, he will get over it.

All of us may have different problems, but oftentimes most of those problems have a root on fear and it means we are lacking in faith. And if we proceed to digg deeper, the cause of lacking faith is because we haven’t really known God and His characters.

I post these quotes (originally by me) as they may be helpful and as a reminder to myself too:

God let us meet some stones along our path not with the intention so we stumble upon them, but so we can GROW, learn, and climb up higher by treating the stones as stepping stones.

If God grants us to step on a new option or grants us what we have been asking for, that does not necessarily mean that we will “literally” succeed in this particular path. But we can be sure that it is a chance God grants us to learn and grow, both in our faith and our intimacy with God, as the life journey we walk through is actually our journey with God. On this particular option, we can either be “literally” success or fail. But isn’t a failure also a part of a journey to success if we learn from it?

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