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First Yearly Thanksgiving Feast


Tonight I have just had an annual thanksgiving feast at a restaurant with my community. It’s our first merry dinner to give thanks for God’s providence and presence in our life throughout this year and it was a great and warm feast 🙂

There are about 20-something people (include children) ate together, talking around, laughing together, sharing stories… Feels like having a big family… ^.^

For the food we have spaghetti, lasagna, bruschetta, garlic bread, red soup, galantine, apple pie, icy fruits and pudding. Delicious and yummy! Two of my friends make the spaghetti, bruschetta, and garlic bread. They’re terrific with their hard work 🙂 sampe encok katanya soalnya berdiri terus hehehe…

Me and my two girl friends were laughing at their story of food making and the messages each of us wrote on a special blog. About the last one, it’s not really means laughing at, but more like discuss about it. Just simply commenting but not similar to “meremehkan” :p

It’s a really great feast… I hope next year we’ll have a merrier feast and live music with us as singers… :p

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