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Fun Craft with Your Kids


If you have kids, then getting them interested in crafts and working together is great fun. It’s a fact that kids love to create art, and it really doesn’t matter what the medium is. One possible problem with that is some parents are the crafts type of people. Why do you think some parents are like that? Who knows all the reasons why, but maybe the mess that tends to go hand in hand with crafts is undesirable. We’re all busy, so with some it could be a lack of time. Some parents could have a need for things like left-handed scissors or other specialty equipment. No need to make it complicated or a filled with anxiety, though. Crafting is supposed to be fun; so keep reading to discover how you can have that.

Avoid boredom by the older kids by making sure the project is engaging for all ages. This simple step will help ensure that everyone in the family will enjoy creating something new that all will enjoy. This will also keep you covered. This also helps make is easy to redirect the left handed child if you forgot to get special scissors for her, the right handed child does the cutting.

Don’t rush the craft. Your kids need to have the chance to do things for themselves.

You need to let them figure it out. You might have the feeling of needing to finish the project yourself but you need to resist this urge and let them figure it out. Of course it’s more important that they finish the project alone. Of course this will take longer for them to do but the will have a great sense of accomplishment from finishing the project on their own. It is important for you to remain patient. This will make craft time much more fun for all.

If the kids chose the project and it didn’t turn out just how you expected don’t ask “what is that”. When they say “Hey Mom, Look at this! You won’t like the look on your childs face if you guess wrong. The last thing you want to do is say “what a cute little bear!”¬†only to have your daughter start crying and say “that’s supposed to be Grandpa!” A better way to approach crafts that kids have thought up and done on their own is to say “tell me all about it!” This way your son or daughter gets to talk all about how they made what they have made and you won’t risk hurting their feelings. Keeping everybody happy when you work on crafts can be a challenge. You need to get everything straight and right, as best you can. Just try to be organized and prepare for what you’ll be doing. All equipment and supplies at the ready – left-handed tools (scissors) for anyone who needs them. Work inside adequate space. Anything extra such as supplies just in case. Make it fun for your kids, especially, and for yourself – everyone needs to relax and have fun.


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