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Halfway To the End of 2010


Time really flies… It’s 16 December, just half month more we will already be on the finish line of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. What do you see when you look backward until today? Is there still a chance to be better and do better before you embrace the new year?

This year I’ve been through a lot of things and changes. Well ok, not so many :p but there are a few big experiences like when I resigned from my previous job, had a motorcycle accident and got my right foot injured, had a brand new start in focused-efforts on internet marketing, had a first failure in it too as I was being scammed by a company, and on this December God gave me my first comission of sales (this one is a legit online business) and I still have faith for the next comissions 🙂

I’m thankful for all past experiences, bitter and sweet, disappointment and excitement, dark and bright… Through it all God always teach me something more about the truth and about Himself.

This year too my community gets closer to each other. We travel together to out of town a few times and it was fun 🙂

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