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Hoka hoka Bento Pahe 2


So, today I’m having a lunch at Hoka-hoka Bento Surabaya Plaza. As usual, I act as a savvy buyer. Most of the time when I eat at Hoka hoka Bento, I always order Paket Hemat 2. I rarely eat at fast food restaurants, but I prefer this package whenever I eat at Hoka-hoka Bento.

The price is still the same, IDR 10.000 plus 10% tax. However, I noticed that the chicken katsu is a bit smaller than before. The salad is overwhelming, as usual… It tastes the same, delicious. Paket Hemat 2 is what I suggest to my friends for the best value. The other packages have less meats :p

Overall, I’m satisfied with Hoka hoka Bento. Rice is already included in Paket Hemat 2. So you only need to order your drink. I order melon juice, need some nutrition :p if you see the red sauce on my plate, it’s a combination of tomato sauce and chili sauce :p

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