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How to Cancel Paypal Auto Payment


One of the PayPal features which often used in transactions with online sellers is automatic recurring (subscription) payment. Once you purchase a subscription (for example: monthly membership fee) using PayPal, it will allow automatic subscription renewal based on the biling cycle. Therefore, your paypal balance / credit card will automatically be charged each time the renewal occurs.

If you want to cancel your subscription and stop the recurring payment from your PayPal, here are the steps:

1. Click the “Profile” tab once you have logged in to your PayPal account
2. Click the “My Pre-approved Payments” under the “Financial Information” section
3. The next screen will show you a list of billing subscriptions / agreements (both active and cancelled ones). Click the particular service name to cancel your subscription
4. Look at the subscription terms (billing amount and other details). Then proceed to click “Cancel”
5. After you confirm once more for your cancellation, you’re completely done 🙂

*Repeat the 3-5 steps above for each subscription cancellation on other service providers.

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