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It Is Only Because of Comparison


Often we say that learning this thing is easy but learning that thing is difficult, this person is easy to befriended but that person is hard to understand, …the list can go on and on. Realized or not, those words are come out because we compare things and people without reminding ourselves that each thing/people is different and unique.

I’ve been used to transfer some money and check my account balance via BCA internet banking since 4 years ago. But recently I opened a new account at CIMB Niaga and have just received my ATM card. Today I was about to set up my CIMB internet banking.

Because I’m very used to BCA system, I felt CIMB system is not user friendly and a bit complicated. I forgot the fact that each internet banking system is different (and that’s normal). I just need some time to learn and get used with the new internet banking system of CIMB Niaga.

This is very common to happen everyday. Sometimes we unconciously compare between people, things, etc. As a result, everything we say about a particular person / thing is not its reliable and objective description but is merely a reflection of our own previous experiences and subjective opinion.

It is far better if we are not judge too fast about anything/anyone before we spend time to learn, acknowledge, and understand. If that something or someone is okay, then you just need to get used to 🙂

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