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It’s Not About the Money


It’s Not The Money – It’s Who You Become Because You Earned The Money

Imagine that you’re 18 years old.
And one morning, an Angel appears in front of you.
And the Angel says, “I’ll give you a gift. You have a choice.” The
Angel hands over a scroll to you.
With trembling fingers, you open it. On the parchment, you read the
following text…

Please Choose One Gift

Gift 1: Ten million pesos will appear on your lap right now.


Gift 2: You’ll learn how to earn money. On the first two years, you earn nothing. Zero. But on your third year of learning, you earn
P100,000. After that, your profit increases by 20% every year.

Now tell me, what would you choose?
Believe me, it’s so tempting to choose Gift 1.
Because you can buy whatever you want.
P10M is so much more than P100,000.

But don’t be deceived.

Gift 1 is cold cash. Nothing else.
Gift 2 is wisdom, character growth, skill development, increased
self-esteem, strong relationships, and yes, money too. (When you reach
50, you’re earning P23M a year. Not a bad choice, right?)

Gift 1 (P10M) can disappear in a few years.
Not only that, but money without wisdom is toxic. It can kill people and break-up families.

Gift 2 will last your entire lifetime.

Always Choose Wisdom More Than Money

A shift in your understanding will cause a major shift in your financial life.

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