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Hotplet Shrimp Fried Rice

Jimbaran Express Fried Rice and Hotplet Shrimp Fried Rice

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Last night me and my friends have a dinner together in TP3 (Tunjungan Plaza 3) FoodCourt.

My friend eat Jimbaran Express fried rice (IDR 20 thousand). She rated it 2 and a half out of 5 because everything is quite delicious except the fried rice. Considering the food name, a fried rice should be freshly fried right? But it’s not. Looks like the rice fried in the morning / noon and then they put it in a kind of rice cooker or microwave so when there is someone order it, they serve the warm (fried) rice out of the rice cooker / microwave.

Hotplet Shrimp Fried Rice

*** Hotplet Shrimp Fried Rice ***

This is very disappointing, the same experience like I have with nasi goreng Mama. Another friend of mine last night ate Shrimp Fried Rice from Mi Hotplet (IDR 22 thousand). She also disappointed and rate for 2 and a half as the (supposed) fried rice is nothing more than a tasteless warm rice.

Rasanya kok lebih enak kembali ke selera asal, nasi goreng duk-duk LOL… which is always freshly fried, delicious in both taste and smell. In our personal opinions, it’s okay for us to wait a little longer for the rice to be fried instead of eating the so called “fried rice” (warm rice).

I ate Miho Singapore from Mi Hotplet (forgot to take its picture before it got to my stomach LOL). It was quite delicious (IDR 25 thousand). But again, I think it was way more delicious before. Now the thick sauce is not as dark as before and apparently they reduced some of the spices…

Hmmm… Hoping they will improve the taste and quality of their food. Not just merely provide fastfood/instant food which is poorly cooked… Just from our point of view…

Jimbaran Express fried rice

*** Jimbaran Express fried rice ***

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