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Mie Mangkok Jojo – Citraland Market


Today me and my friends were having lunch at Citraland market (near Woodland) and I ordered mie mangkok Jojo (Jojo bowl noodle). It’s price IDR 11.000 (quite expensive) and it’s a delicious noodle! :p

As you can see, the fried dumpling is shaped like a bowl and it makes the whole appearance of the noodle more interesting.

I ordered mie mangkok ayam jamur (chicken mushroom noodle) and it’s obviosly delicious. If you visit Citraland at West Surabaya area, you can try Mie Mangkok Jojo at the market (right before Woodland and after passing through the US Embassy). But the market only open from morning to noon, so it’s an ideal place to have a breakfast or a lunch.

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