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My Current Fave Snack


This is my current fave snack, Mie Gemez. It only has 1 flavor. I saw it the first time at Bilka Supermarket and decided to try it out. And I like it!

Previously I have tried the new Anak Mas (I bought it online, 1 full box), and Soba snack. They are all noodle snacks. Anak Mas tastes great, it has 2 flavors: cheese and chicken. Soba snack has 3 flavors if I’m not mistaken. But so far I only love Anak Mas and Mie Gemez. And since I can only buy Anak Mas online, I prefer to buy Mie Gemez which is available at Bilka.

I haven’t seen Mie Gemez at other places. Have you tried this snack?

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