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My Second Blog Theme

New Blog Background and Header


I have just claimed this blog on Technorati and they asked me to put the code 9W4AYPYKVYYF in my new blog post. So there I put it.

Few days ago I made a new header image and background for this blog. I will also put the old background and header image below just for archive purpose :p

My First Blog Theme

My Second Blog Theme

And last night I finally succeed in changing the font type for my blog post title ^o^ It turns out easily, I just had to install AnyFont WP plugin and follow the steps. However, it didn’t work when I tried to change the Blog Title font. So I just change the blog post title, widget title, and page title. I like the result, it looks unique! ^.^

Hmm… it’s a rainy afternoon and my friends are going to watch “Shaolin” movie. I didn’t go with them as I still have so much works to do and I don’t like the movie either. It has a tragic ending… bad… :p would rather save the money for other purpose LOL.

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