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New Brush Set


*** Make Up Brush ***

I have just bought a make up brush set at Bilka Supermarket for IDR 19.000. Remember what I told you about Cyber Clean? I planned to buy a cheap make up brush to clean my laptop keyboard instead of buying Cyber Clean.

I searched online but can’t find cheap ones. So I went shopping at Bilka to buy food and also this brush set. This is the only type of make up brush set left so I have no choice. Actually I only need the blush brush… But they only sell the whole set… Ngeliat pinky-pinky kok jadi ga tega ya make buat bersihin keyboard… LOL

Apalagi setelah dibandingin ama blush brush NYX ku kok lebih halus yang ini ya… LOL Hmmm… Dilema LOL

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