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New Residence


I have moved to a new residence and currently live with a friend of mine. This is my first experience of moving to a totally new neighborhood and new home. Previously I stayed at a dorm, and have moved from dorm to dorm since I was in high school. Now there are more chores to do with a bigger space and a lot more rooms compared to just one dorm room LOL. But as it says, “With great responsibility, comes great privilege” LOL Just flip the words back and forth as you wish… I guess the main point is the same. This has been a great and enormous blessing in my life phase for now.

Currently I still get confused regarding this major change, sometimes I forget about the keys and everything… but I’m sure as the time goes by I will get used to all of this and enjoy this new chapter more conveniently with my friend 🙂

Like this morning when we cook our first meal together in the kitchen LOL… there are fun times as well as adjustments but it all goes fine, thankfully 🙂

The main thing I need to work on is my work habit. I gotta re-schedule everything and be more productive. Well… I’m on my way! Optimistic mode on 🙂

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