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New Year Resolution


It’s one more day to 2011! What’s your new year resolution? It is another chance to throw away our bad habits and start a new beginning! So, why don’t you sit down and get ready to create your latest new year resolution?

Here are some ideas you may use as a part of your 2011 new year resolution:

Getting More Organized
For some people, being neatly organized is not a part of their natural habit. But getting organized can boost your productivity either in your job or house chores. As a great addition to being organized, being well planned will definitely make your tasks much easier as you manage everything in a better point of view and in a more efficient way. Changing old habit is never easy, but with strong motivation and discipline, it is very possible.

A Healthier Lifestyle and Body
This can includes loosing weight, quit smoking, having exercise regularly, and healthier food intake. Health always requires a balanced lifestyle. And the benefits are worth your efforts! You will not only get more confidence, but also a better stamina and longevity. It is better to invest your money on taking care of your health (a.k.a. loving yourself) instead of paying the hospital bills, right?

Save More and Spend Less
Find your reason before you buy anything. Determine whether it is an urgent need, need which can be delayed, desire, or only unimportant interest. Guard yourselves from special offers and discounts which tempt you to make a sudden or fast purchase. Give yourself enough time to think and make your decision with enough common sense so you won’t be regret it. If you need something to buy, set aside time to look for reviews, price comparison, great deals, etc to make a smart choice. A good financial management will significantly reduce your stress level. And it leads to the next new year resolution idea…

Enjoy Your Life to The Fullest
Your greatest treasure is the present time. Never let your past guilts or regrets keep you away from creating a brand new start. Never let your past successes hold you from making bigger successes. And never let the fear of the future paralyze your dreams. Embrace and enjoy everything you do and every little moment you have, it will surely makes your life more colorful.

Learn Something New
Life is continuous phase to learn. In fact, learning new things can lift your enthusiasm in life and inspire you to achieve bigger things. In everything you are going through, find something to learn about. Search for new skills to master, new understanding to grasp…. it will enrich your life and your capability to help others too.

Help Other People
There is a saying that the richest person is not the one who has the biggest amount of money, but the one who has helped so many people. Helping other people doesn’t only mean giving money to the poor or helping causes, but also giving more attention to other people, reach out and communicate more, giving a helping hand regarding your talents or skills, engaged more, etc. A whole life is most likely supported by great relationships, money is only a tool.

Spend More Time with Family
Your family is the greatest treasure you have. There is nothing worse than a kind of success which sacrifices the family. You marry your mate to grow old with them, you have kids to guide and watch them growing to be much better than you. Find a way to be more balanced. The best inheritance parents can give to their children is character and mindset. Allow yourself to love and feel loved by your family, it is irreplaceable by anything…

You can add more ideas in your new year resolution. And here are some tips you make your new year resolution more achievable:
– Be realistic: Set the goals within your control
– To remind yourself, you can put your new year resolution on visible areas in your room
– Break down the general resolution into more specific, actionable steps you can do everyday, every week, or every month
– Just for fun, you can set a reward you can enjoy once you achieve each specific resolution 🙂

And you’re good to go!

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