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One More Inspiring Blog

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Since last year, I have been a silent reader of 1 blog and 1 Facebook notes of 2 inspiring ladies: Shinta and Grace Suryani Halim. They have been a blessing to me through their writings and real stories. Never know them personally, but since I’m also a blogger I would like to have a real friendship with them 🙂

And today I found one more inspiring blog of Lia. Some of her blog posts (especially about the shattered dream about a past relationship and about single) have been God’s answers to me. Finally I know how to step ahead with the right point of view and with faith. Really grateful to have them sharing their life and the truth online as their notes bless their readers from anywhere (yap, including me :p)

One Comment

  1. heiiii fay……… thank u for leaving a comment, daku jadi bs punya link ke blog dikau ^________^ will often mampir-mampir ksini aaaaaah … 😉 biar bs lbh brbagi hidup. ciayoooo yah fay, the best is still to come. hayookkk terus ngebangun pondasi yang kuat bsama Babe 🙂 bless u, sist!

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