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Planning for Better Life Management


A few days ago I found this extremely useful website where the owner shared lots of templates to be downloaded for free. I found this website when I was googling for a meal planner template or tool or software. But it turns out to be so much more when I got to know the available templates! I downloaded the meal planner template, expense tracking template, and personal budget template. And I found all three of them very useful!

Of course, the templates made based on the website owner’s living area, and I had to make some modifications to ensure the templates suit my local habits (I live in Indonesia) and personal characteristics. But the templates are very helpful in my planning for financial budgeting as well as weekly meal. I always like to plan for everything and I think those templates can be very helpful too for everyone else.

The reason why I endorse planning is because planning leads to a better life management, particularly in financial area. We all know that money is not everything, but everything needs money.

I have heard some of sad experiences of other people which are caused by their lack of knowledge and wisdom to manage their life by planning ahead. There is this one family who have just lost a wife and a mother. Before the husband and wife married, the husband works as a full timer with a small wage. And because his income was not enough to supply the new family needs, he changed work. Up to now, because of the financial limitations they still live in a dorm instead of having their own house or renting a house. The wife has just died, her husband was very depressed, and all the funeral expenses are paid by other cousins…

It’s true that there are so many unpredictable things can happen in our life. But that is not an excuse for us to not plan for anything. God will surely enable us to face and bear the unpredictable things when we also responsible for things that we can plan ahead (when we responsible for things that are in our control). In fact, because we know that there are unpredictable things that may happen, we should be prepared for that, both in our planning as well as in our faith. Remember that faith without action doesn’t mean anything.

If only they made plans before they decided to get married and have kids (and start the planning even when they are both still single), imagine how big is the difference can be! The benefits are not just for them but also for their children.

There are also other people I know, a man and a woman, both of them are planning to get married. But because their lack of wisdom and financial planning while they are still single, now they still have to save money to buy a house and for the wedding expenses.

Nothing is too late once you decide to be responsible for what God has given to you to manage. But it would be certainly much better when it is done earlier…

I personally have just been able to save money for the last few months. My previous jobs gave me pretty small wages. During those times, I can only save a little a month but all my previous savings have been used for paying expenses in times when I resigned from my last job. I really want to have a better financial condition and the ability to manage it, so I prayed to God asking for a better income and it turns out that God has actually answered my prayer a few months ahead. Only after I prayed, God sent me a growing number of buyers and orders for my design jobs. And since then, I’m able to make financial planning and save money.

You don’t have to wait to plan until you have big income. Start with what you have now, even if it means you can only save a little. God can only trust you to manage bigger things after you have shown that you are able to manage things that are in your control right now. Don’t just go with the flow or give up to your current condition. By start planning ahead you not only help yourself, but also other people (as you can give some of your saving to people in need), your future family, or other needs that you may never think of.

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