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Simplify Your Life


Just a few things I usually do to de-clutter and simplify my everyday life 🙂

Take a Walk in the Morning
Sometimes I get up early (about 4:20 am), stretching up a bit, eat some biscuits or drink milk, and take a walk around my house area until around 6:45 am. Actually it does need persistent intention to do this one lol… because at 4 am I honestly still want to lie down on my bed. But once I get out there and walking, there is some kind of refreshment, seeing the green trees and other people jogging too. The reasons why I’m doing this is foremostly for better health (and better body shape I suppose lol) and secondly for seeing the nature.

Get Disconnected
These last few months I rarely online on my Yahoo Messenger if there’s nothing in particular. I only get online if a friend wants to talk to me, or I want to contact someone. I also don’t get involved actively on Facebook anymore, just sometimes login and browse around. Updating status isn’t something I do often. Consciously or not, the activities that are done through chatting and browsing friend’s statuses eat up time which otherwise can be used for taking a break, communicate in a real manner, or focusing on finishing our important tasks.

Play Some Music
Some kinds of music can lift you up and sometimes affect your mood so you can work faster. When I get bored I often play some music while working at home 🙂 Sometimes also take a break and sing along lol…

Time Management
This is actually simple and easy. I’m in the process of training myself not to turn on my laptop before 8am or 8:30 lol. I like working with my laptop, but I need to get more balance. So what I usually do in the morning is wake up, make / get breakfast, reading a bit, washing the dishes, tidy up and take a bath. I still need more balance though, so I can turn off my laptop max on 7pm… Believe it or not, it’s a difficult thing to do for me lol… still striving to do it though… so I can have more free time to relax maybe to read one of my ebooks, get my eyes relaxed, watching TV for a while, call my parents, or talking with my housemate. I also plan to create another online business (semi passive) so I can reduce time working (sitting for hours!) in front of laptop and move more lol…

Financial Budgeting
In my previous post I have told you about this extremely useful website to help us managing our financial budget. I personally use the Expense Tracker to make budget and monitor my real expenses compared to the budget, so I can know which expenses that can be reduced and how much money I need to allocate on different posts. I know what my money is spent for, and I can see when I need to skimp (especially when the real expenses nearly hit the budget limit lol). Of course it’s crucial to write our expenses everyday, and for some people it needs more discipline to do it consistently. But it’s really worth your effort. By budgeting and managing your expenses, you can be more alerted in spending money, save more, and of course great for your own life in the long term as you get used to it.

Buy Favorite Snack or Drink or Items
Sometimes when I go to the supermarket to shop for monthly food and house supplies, I also buy some favorite items which actually a bit pricey, but can lighten up myself. For me, it’s chocolate milk by Ultra Jaya or Indomilk (this month I bought 4 – each 1 lt *my first time though… I think I’ve been just addicted to “susu cair” lol*), it’s chocolate ice cream by Walls or Campina (1 lt), cashew nuts, or snacks like potato chips, etc I don’t buy them all at once, just one kind of item a month, depends on what I really want at that particular time. Or, sometimes I buy a DVD, or blouse, or accesories, or eating out with my friends… Just to loosen up a bit and enjoy life :p

Doing Something Out of Routine
Yap this includes vacation lol. Honestly this September is the first time for me to take a vacation since I work from home (from the end of 2009). I will go to Bali with my older cousin for a week. If you have a very limited budget, then there’s no need to go to far places. It doesn’t matter if it’s a vacation or not. The key is doing something out of your routine. It can be making some crafts (I made my iRiver case from flanel, bookmarks, paper folder/binder from used magazine papers, a small desk organizer and a wallet also from used magazine papers – got the tutorials on Youtube), visit a place you never / rarely go to, explore a place (I sometimes walk through a book store or a department store and explore each aisle, not particularly want to buy something, just enjoy seeing and holding the items lol), or anything else you can think of.

Define “Enough”
If you work by yourself / not an employee who gets a fixed income every month, you know the temptation to get more, and more… and more… and more. But human basically will never feel enough. So for my own health, balanced life, and happiness, I define my “enough”. We have granted a life not to be spent forcing ourselves to get more money, but to enjoy it, to have a balanced perspective upon it. What is money for when you don’t have good relationships with your family, close friends, or people you love? What is money for when you spent time from morning to late at night to work, but at the end you have to spend the money you get by working hard to pay medicines and hospital bills? What is money for when you often grumbling, complaining, and not happy?

Have a Break Day (…or at least 12 hours break lol)
Usually on weekend I plan for a more leisure time. So when I get a lot of jobs I need to finish, I usually close off my service on Friday and re-open back on Monday. This is so I can be more relaxed, have time to do house chores like sweeping, mopping, washing clothes, etc, and also to do other stuffs other than working the similar tasks I’ve been doing from Monday to Friday. In the reality, I never had a day off as I still have to reply messages from my clients. (…and this is the reason why I want another business I can do that is semi passive, so I can have more free time and off from my beloved laptop lol)

Live in the Now
No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, not to mention a few years ahead. We can do our best to prepare, but we can’t keep worrying about the future. God will give you strength whenever you need it, you just need to trust Him.

Well, that’s all I guess 🙂

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