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What Makes Me Fall In Love with Blogging


Since I subscribe to Mashable’s newsletter, I got the update of WordPress announcing the 2011 challenge to blog more where we can join the “postaday” or “postaweek”. Basically, I love to blog. But due to my current activities, I barely have time to blog, unlike in 2006-2007 where I can write blog posts everyday. At certain days I even could post several times a day.

After reading the excited responses of other bloggers to WordPress challenge, I finally gave in. And right after reading a post entitled “Fresh List of Topic Ideas” by Scott Berkun, I got this post idea.

Flash back in 2006, a year which marks my first experience in joining the blogosphere… I started my first blog at Multiply.Com, a free blogging service. What makes me fall in love with blogging activities is the personal sharing element in blog posts by its owner. I love spending time do a blogwalking across some personal blogs and reading their daily experiences, opinions about certain topics, etc. Through blog, you can get to know about the owner (well at least a part of them) through their stories and point of views.

Since at that time I have friends who also blog at Multiply, we were updated about each other’s new blog post and having fun giving comments on it. It feels like you are in a community where you can share your thoughts and other things with your friends and vice versa.

After that, I made a back up of my blog posts at Blogger.Com. Since the end of 2008, I blog more often in Blogger than in Multiply. In 2009, I made a blog at WordPress.Com. A personal one, not appear in search engines :p and in 2010 I (finally) created a blog with a domain name. Yap, you read that one now 🙂

I have moved all of my posts from Multiply.Com to this blog. Whenever I had the chance I will continue moving newer posts from Blogger.Com. I also have a sub domain to this blog which I use to write personal posts in various language (Indonesian, English, Java). But since this main blog is open for public, I prefer to mostly use English 🙂

Well, what makes you fall in love with blogging? Share with me ^.^

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