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Will Readbud Pay Me Out?


I have been skip-reading and rating articles on Readbud.Com since May or June. Sempet vakum 1 bulan coz I read in many forums people said Readbud is just another scam. And I couldn’t be more agree as there were times when they only provide 1 or 2 articles per day. Padahal pas awal-awal sehari bisa antara 10 – 20 artikel.

But my friend keep continue it to see whether they really pay or obviously proven as a scam. So I felt encouraged and also want to prove whether they pay me or not. The minimum amout to redeem payout is $50. And today I’ve reached $50.26. It is stated that the payout can take about 30 days to be sent into my PayPal account. So we’ll see about it in January 2011.

Meanwhile, for PTC I earn from Neobux and Onbux. I’ve cashed out twice from Neobux and they have been a legit PTC site for quite a long time. I’ve just begun Onbux this month so I just can’t really tell about it yet :p

So what’s your experience with PTC sites? Any recommendations or bad reviews? Tell me…

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